[ 魔獸世界 ] 5.0.4 更新時出現“無法使用你所選擇的資料夾”該怎麼辦?What can you do if you meet the error “The folder you selected cannot be used” when you update your wow client to 5.0.4?

For English viewer, the English description is under the Chinese description.

如果你的環境是 Vista / 7:

如果有開啟 UAC:
  1. 按 WinKey,在搜尋欄輸入 CMD。將游標移到結果的 CMD 上,按右鍵,選「以管理員的身份執行」。
  2. 如果作業系統是 32bit,輸入 cd %ProgramFiles% 按下 [Enter]。
    如果作業系統是 64bit,輸入 cd %ProgramFiles(x86)% 按下 [Enter]。
  3. 輸入 mklink /j “World of Warcraft” X:\Y
    其中 X:\Y 是你現在放置 WoW 客端的路徑。請根據自己的環境加以修改。
  4. 如此一來,就可以執行 Launcher.exe 進行更新了。
如果沒有開啟 UAC:
直接按 WinKey + R,輸入 CMD 按 [Enter] 叫出 CMD 後,按照上述步驟 2 ~ 4 處理即可。

如果你的環境是 XP/ME:

請直接將你的 WoW 客端搬到 %ProgramFiles% 目錄下(一般為 C:\Program Files)。

English: I meet “The folder you selected cannot be used” error when I upgrade my WoW client to 5.0.4 tonight. I found the solution.
Although we can move the WoW client into anywhere and play the game with no issue, but maybe BZ think everyone will not do it. This error occurred due to it cannot find the WoW client under the %ProgramFiles%(in 32bit OS. %ProgramFiles(x86)% for 64bit OS) so it cannot do anything.
If your OS is Vista or 7, you are lucky. You can use the utility “mklink” to make a directory junction. But if your OS is XP or ME, I think there is one thing  you can do : just move you WoW client into %ProgramFiles%.
For user who use Vista / 7 :
  1. Run CMD. If your UAC is functional, you will need administrator’s ability to run the CMD.
  2. If your OS is 32bit, go to %ProgramFiles%. If your OS is 64bit, go to %ProgramFiles(x86)%.
  3. exec ‘mklink /j “World of Warcraft” X:\Y’. The X:\Y is the directory where WoW client is.
  4. Enjoy it.